The Kissing Statue – Beaumont, Texas

The Ghost Story

The Kissing Statue is a statue in the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Beaumont, Texas with an interesting legend. It is said if you visit around midnight and drive around the statue to the back to shine your brights on it the two lovers will turn towards each other and will kiss.

Snapshot 2 (8-4-2017 6-02 PM)The statue itself stands alone in the center of a subdivision of the cemetery with no plaque or information. It is surrounded by a short hedge to cover the cement platform it stands on. The statue is absolutely stunning in person. Time and elements have wore away at some of the aspects of the statue, but the parts sheltered from the erosion have such amazing detail. From the veins and curves in their necks, to the folds in their clothing, to their feet hidden by the hedge, the statue looks as if two lovers truly had been frozen in time.

Perhaps two lovers have embodied the statue after finding their home in the cemetery or perhaps the statue has always had some life to it. Either way, it is a sight to see in the day and if you’re lucky an even better sight to see at night.

Variations on the Story

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